Mangalya Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha
Regd No.1 - MHA/439/Pune/80 Date 30/5/1980
Regd No.2 - F-1514,Pune Date 28/5/1980
Mangalya Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha Pune-28, Celebrating Silver Jubilee Year - 2006

  • Well equipped building
  • For ashram school students  we based with all facilities hostels
  • To provide pair of school dress, Bed sheets, pair with a cot & foam
  • To provide school stationary, books, notebooks, to students
  • To provide nutritional foods (at morning & evening dinners & at afternoon lunch) At every weekend (Sunday ) provides  Non vegetarian food
  • To provide electricity in load shading time Institute used generator & Solar energy
  • For student special P.C.O. Intercom system in each hostel
  • Sufficient water supply for drinking water there is a bore well & water supply connection
  • For student bath  Institute provide warm water with the help of solar energy
  • Separate latrine for boys & girls with all facilities
  • For entertainment  Durdarshan & D.T.H.,D.V.D.player for every hostels
  • In casually time there is special adjustment of fire control machine (cylinder) in each department
  • For students ,big & species  ground with all sports instruments
  • For students health’s institute provided Gymnasium hall with all instruments
  • For night study there is special big study hall
  • For students there is a M.C.C., Scout, and R.S.P. training available in institute

     School having a big building primary section and secondary section have separate buildings.

     Total building length is 239 ft and width is 30 ft total area of building is 7170 sq ft. In this building 16 classes and one office. Also different department having separate rooms like teacher’s staff room, Music hall, Cultural hall.Jeemkhana etc.

     In front of school one pandel (stage) provide by sanstha In front of building mini garden is seted.In this garden  different types of flower trees, showtrees are planted for guest  one guest house also available . In front of guest house one green loan planted. For emergency of fire, institute brought 12 fire cylinders which are fitted in all over school building. In school campus one gardians waiting hall arranged.
Near about 60 latterins available in our school. There are separate for boys and girl’s Total building having safety wall.

     Our school has a well equipped laboratory to get advanced and scientific technical knowledge. All practical instruments are available in our laboratory. This is useful for 5th to 10th std students. The area of lab is 1200 sq ft. The lab purpose material that is chemical chart, Maps, Photos of scientists, technical Instruments   also available in the lab.

Every year students are participate in sciences exhibition. Question Quize, scientific funs and games different kinds of competitions also celebrate in laboratory.


     Our school has a good and big library. In the library sufficient and useful books, novels, Essays, Reference books, available for teachers and students. There are nearly four thousand and five hundred books. Books are divided as sports, cultural, social, novels, natures, birds and animals. All students and teachers read it always. Teachers usually read references books for their teaching processes. In library there are special reading room for students and teachers. Every day in the library five different news papers, ten magazine, and weekly magazine are available in the library. Every year library arranges books exhibition, essay competition and granthdindi.


     We are living in computer world .computer knowledge developing in cyber villages and cities. So that we communicated in all world for our students. We are giving the knowledge of Information of Technology. Computer laboratory is available very advance in our school.

     There are tenth computers sets arranged and two printers and a scanner.  The official working done by computer.

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